Thursday, 17 April 2014

New for 2014

In my previous post I shared a bit about myself as the new manager of this year's Powell River Open Air Market.  So besides a new manager - what else is new?

** update on bus pending Regional District meeting in late May **

1.  We have this blog that you're getting used to seeing - I hope you come back often and share comments here too!

2.  We have a pinterest site.  We will be using this site to promote our market both within Powell River and to the online users who may be coming to visit us or just enjoy Powell River or Farmers Markets in general.  Please feel free to "follow" our board if you're interested in seeing pictures.

3.  We have an instagram site.  Just like pinterest we will be using this site to give "almost live" updates in the form of pictures to help people know what's going on - what's hot and what's new.  

Please find us and follow us on any of these sites (for future reference they can all be found under our Links page as well).  As many of you may already know, we are also on facebook.

4.  New vendors - I don't want to give it all away but you'll see lots of new food vendors and that's food for on-site consumption as well as take-away.  Get ready to try some coffee from our local coffee roaster 32 Lakes, you'll also find salsa and chips along with fresh pasta, pizza crusts and sauce and the list goes on.   We're less than 10 days from market launch and still receiving requests from new vendors!  Currently we've got over 55 vendors and counting, be patient as we sort out the logistics of getting everyone settled into a spot.

5.  New music director.  It is with great pleasure that we welcome Paul Mignot as the Open Air Market's Music Director for 2014.  Paul will be featuring local bands and artists in addition to providing the usual open mic that we all love so much.    Paul is engaging some students from Brooks to assist with the sound as well.  The equipment was tested and everything got the thumbs up last weekend so we're ready to rock our market into a new season.

6.  We won't have any running water in the food barn this year.  Due to drainage issues we are unable to wash dishes.  Some vendors may still try and support re-usable dishes when they can but please keep in mind that they will need to be carted home and washed so the effort is increased.  Many of us are already used to bringing a drinking container with us, please continue this tradition when you come to the market and if you're planning on having a snack, consider bringing a small bowl for your kids or something small to help manage your food.   We will have paper cups/plates available but we ask everyone to help us support our social and environmental responsibilities.  We will continue to compost the food  leftovers as well as our paper products.

7.  I'm eager to get quantifiable feedback from both the vendors and the public.  At different times throughout the season you may see some surveys come around.  If you have an opinion that you would like to share or would like to contribute to future considerations at the market then I urge you to participate, these surveys will not be mandatory but the more feedback the better.  I will make every effort to provide an online option as well.

8.  Last but certainly not least is our new branding !! We've updated our facebook page already and both the pinterest and instagram sites have sneak peeks too.  Keep your eyes peeled for these colours, we're working on making the market message clear, bright, cheerful and easy to read.


  1. It is very exciting to see our Powell River Farmers' Market spring to life once again!!
    Thank you so much to Juhli for her awesome efforts on behalf of this "magical" event taking place every weekend in our town. I plan to do what I can to help encourage everyone in Powell River to come out and experience the joy of participating in our community's talent and expertise. See you all there, Sharon, of the unique Heat and Salt Therapy Bags.

  2. I'm a local blogger and big fan of the market. I lovve what you are doing Juhli. I'll put a link on my site to yours.

    1. Thanks so much Susan, I appreciate the support and the "spreading of the word". Please come by and say hello to me sometime, would love to meet you.