Friday, 8 April 2016

It's coming... April 23rd

The 2016 Season of the Powell River Farmers' Market is getting underway.  Vendors are signing up and a work party will be happening (Apr 9 from 1-4pm) to awaken the grounds from their winter hibernation.

Abundance by CATNIP

Did you know that the market originally opened in 1987 so we're heading into our 29th year of operation.  We're looking forward to a wonderful season starting with bedding plants and leading into fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers, eggs, honey, frozen meats ranging from chicken to pork and possibly some chevon and rabbit.  The healthy, vibrant colours of locally grown food will whet your appetite so remember to bring your own reusable containers and bags, cash (small bills/coins appreciated) and a smile - that way you'll fit right in.

Opening on April 23rd

What's new?

Some new ethnic food is making an appearance.  Indonesia and Middle East will be represented this year along with our existing Chilean and Vietnamese cuisine.  Local favourites from the grill, fryer and crock pots will continue to round out our hot food options.

Live music will feature a guest band the first Saturday of each month followed by an "everyone welcome" Open Mic on remaining Saturdays and Sundays.  If you'd like to share your passion of music with us, come grace our stage!  Our opening weekend will feature the incredible Wildwood Social Club.

Flexible payment options.  The Info booth will accept credit card payments on behalf of the vendors so if you've found something you just MUST have, but your cash supply is limited, we can now accommodate your credit card as well.  More details at Info booth.  We will also offer limited cash advances in lieu of an ATM on site.

You'll some new picnic tables sprinkled around the grounds, 5 were bought at the end of last season by the farmers' market and 5 more are being donated at the start of this season by the Powell River & District Agricultural Association.  Additional seating is always needed.

Mark your calendars!  We're going to have some extended hours on Canada Day (July 1st) from 10:30 am - 1:30 pm.  Join us for our Mid-summer Nights' Feast (Aug ) from 4-7pm.

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