Wednesday, 1 June 2016

From Farmers with Love

Kale, parsley, oregano and rhubard
Our season has started off with a bang!   We are experiencing an "early" season this year with most harvests starting earlier than expected.


Let's take a look back at what May had to offer at the market.
Asparagus, fennel, celery
We opened the last weekend in April and the farmers had an assortment of greens, from kale to chard to salad greens.  These greens have continued throughout May and you'll be able to continue getting these beautiful, fresh, nutrient-rich greens all through the summer.

Additional greens that make their appearance early in the year are celery, fennel and bok choy along with a multitude of herbs like oregano, parsley and basil.


Remember if you see something that you're not familiar with, make sure to ask the farmer, they often have insightful preparation tips for you too.  The tart stalks of rhubarb also made their way to the market within the first weekend accompanied by beautiful bright red and white radishes.  The colours of spring were everywhere.

oyster mushrooms
Into the first few weeks of May we saw the foraged oyster mushrooms make an appearance, several farmers are well-seasoned mushroom pickers.  You can buy your mushrooms with confidence knowing that the harvest is done with discerning eyes.

Along with the mushrooms came the highly anticipated (and always sold out) asparagus.  Asparagus is only around for a few short weeks, so when you see it, you have to buy it.  Did you know that asparagus can be eaten raw as well as cooked?  When it's "market-fresh" you're in for a treat!

Mid-May we saw beets and beet greens.  This hearty root vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked.  Try it raw grated on a salad or roasted in the oven for a tasty side.  Beets offer not just their roots but their leaves and stems too.  It's all edible, a 3 in 1 vegetable!

The last weeks in May saw some real colours arrive.  The first broccoli is ready and showing it's hearty, deep green.  You've got to taste this broccoli!


Strawberries arrived with their rosy red cheeks.  Picked when ripe, these berries are incredibly juicy, sweet and flavourful, that's exactly how you'll find them at the market.  

Carrots were the first orange vegetable to make it's way to the market.  Look at that colour and again with the juicy, sweet flavour these are a favourite for young and old alike.  

Just when you think that things couldn't get any sweeter, the first spring honey arrives.  If you've never tasted spring honey then you have to.  It's so delicate and sweet.  While it looks like liquid gold, it tastes like a warm spring day in a meadow of flowers.  Those bees sure know what they're doing!

mixed salad plants

While there's plenty of food to buy to take home with you and prepare, there's also one great opportunity after another for you to "grow your own".  This year we've seen almost every plant you can think of, from the traditional tomatoes, basil, peppers, lettuce, squash to the more unique trees and bushes like key lime, Meyer lemons, and olives.

There's no better way to buy local then to find what's in season at the farmers' market.  For more pictures of what we have to offer, please check out our instagram page.

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