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Nom Nom Nom... Eating your way through the market

Along with an abundance of greens, eggs, plants and produce, the market also has something that provides you with instant gratification, namely prepared foods.

Join us at the market for breakfast or lunch, we're open on Saturdays from 10:30 - 12:30 and Sundays from 12:30 - 2:30.  Find us at 4365 McLeod Road.  You can always check and see who will be at the market on Saturday or Sunday by checking the respective vendor lists.  These lists are updated on Friday evening so they're ready for you before you head out.

Let's check out some of the vendors that help fill that growling tummy or peckish feeling on the weekends.

Since there's no easy way to choose an order here, we're opting for alphabetical !

Alexis' Artisan Breads has several yummy options for breakfast or a little snack.  Both plain and chocolate croissants are available as well as Pain au Raisin (my personal favourite).  Grab yourself a coffee or tea from Donna in the food barn and find a comfy place to sit:  under the trees, near the stage or around the kids play area.  Relax and Enjoy.
Alexis' Artisan Breads every Saturday & Sunday

Barkin' Mad Bakers every Sunday
Barkin' Mad Bakers not only make the tastiest meat pies but they also hold their own on the  grill that includes smokies, hot dogs and daily posted specials.  Sue and Michelle bring a wide selection of hand made frozen meat pies that just need to be warmed up.  Grab some greens and you've got an excellent dinner.  Want to eat it right away?  Ask them to heat it up on the grill for you and you can gave that delicious meat pie right at the market.  Michelle enjoys coming up with new recipes for drinks so check in to see what's happening alongside their hand made sodas.  You'll find Barkin' Mad Bakers in the food barn.  

Here's some Chilean Treats!  Get an empanada or some sweets.  Carolina brings the feeling of South America to our market.  Did you know that our Highway 101 (that ends in Lund) actually starts in Chile!  What better pairing than food to tie together Powell River and Chile.  Carolina brings several choices of empanada including vegetarian options.   For dessert - how about some some meringues or alfajores (caramel sandwich cookies)?   Challenge your ordinary with a taste of Chile this weekend.

Chilean Treats every Saturday and Sunday

Cottage Creek Bake Shop's owner Janet Lyon offers a wide selection of both breakfast and lunch options.  For breakfast sink your teeth into a delicious muffin.  Depending on the time of year the selection will change.  As local berries or fruit ripen Janet likes to incorporate those into her creations.  You'll always find certain favourites like banana or carrot along with decadent creations like smores!  If you've got an extra sweet sweet-tooth in the morning you can also find wonderful bars, cuppie cakes or cinnamon buns as well.  Janet's not going to leave you high and dry for lunch either, she's got some wonderful vegetarian pizzas that she often makes.  Using as many fresh ingredients as she can find locally and in her garden, the flavours change from week to week but they're always incredibly tasty.  
Cottage Creek Bake Shop every Saturday and Sunday
Meet Thomas from Little Smokehouse.  He's smokin' hot - meats that is!  Thomas takes his smoking and seasonings quite seriously and he's got a wonderful smoked meat sandwich just waiting for you.  A bun layered with healthy helping of meat and topped with home made coleslaw you've got a sandwich that is accompanied by a fork and napkin just to make sure you don't leave anything behind.  For those with brave tastebuds, ask Thomas for a jalepeno popper to go with your sandwich!

Little Smokehouse every Sunday

MAD Chocolates (MAD:  Mother and Daughter) not only offers chocolates but specialty coffee from 32 Lakes along with some incredible milkshakes and a variety of daily specials that can be found on their whiteboards.  Want a pick-me-up or a little treat?  This is the place to stop!  You can't miss Jeannie and her daughter Kaylie in their colourful MAD Chocolate truck, it's eye-catching and houses truckloads of yummy goodness!
MAD Chocolates most Saturdays and Sundays

Nicky's Thai Food on Sundays
If you've taken a walk around the market and are looking for something new, then stop by Nicky's Thai Food.  You'll find a coupling of rice, lemongrass vegetables and curried chicken.   Need it to be vegetarian? no problem just skip the chicken.  Nicky's smile and steaming crock pots are welcoming but the real treat is the flavourful dishes he creates.  Not just a plate full of food but a curry pocket as well.   While this food is mild, there are also options to spice it up with sauces that will give an added ethnic experience.

Grandma Rose's Pies is one place that makes you feel like "home".  Here's a sweet, smiling grandma who not only knows what her grandchildren like, but what you'll like as well.  Take home one of her pies or loaves if you're having company or pick out a few of your favourite cookies.  If you're having a little sit down, how about a mini-pie or a Yellow Rose Lemon Pie?   Rose has a way with her baking and has a huge following so you better get there early if you've got a favourite!
Grandma Rose's Pies every Saturday
Thanh's Vietnamese Food every Saturday and Sunday
Thanh's Vietnamese Food is one of the most popular spots on Saturday and Sunday.  Vendors and customers alike love to head over and see Thanh and Mike for some delicious Vietnamese Food.  Her salad rolls come in two varieties, a vegetarian (gluten free) option as well as a shrimp option too, paired with her delicious peanut sauce, it's hard to eat just one!  If your appetite is a bit bigger then check out the amazing plates she makes from cashew chicken, pad thai, to pork and noodles.  Your tastebuds will be delighted with these flavourful options.  Overall this Vietnamese food is mild, but if you like it hotter there are some hot sauces you can add to kick it up a notch!

Willow Hollow Bakery's name may deceive you, this is not just a bakery but a wide selection of good food that will make you feel like a kid again, warm your tummy and satisfy those cravings.  Moe and Colin are best known for their kettle corn and when they finish popping a batch the whole market is blanketed with a sweet/salty air - mmmmm.  Freshly bagged and ready for your taste buds, their kettle corn is a favourite among children (and adults).  Along with popcorn you'll find the famous "tornado potato" which tastes as good as it looks.  Moe is always ready with all kinds of treats, from cookies and chocolate marshmallows to hot dogs and chili.  Thirsty?  Try some of her lemonade, it's always got a local flair to it with in-season fruit like rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries.  Stop by and check out her menu board, then let your taste buds decide. 
Willow Hollow Bakery every Saturday and Sunday
For some additional treats and sweets don't forget to stop by Velma's Candy, Sweet Mylk Popsicles, Ellen's Gluten Free Baking (amongst her beautiful flowers,) Donna's bars, & tarts (including gluten free options) which you can pair with your favourite hot or iced drinks in the food barn and also Maija's Scandanavian baking.

Remember that we're open every weekend, rain or shine!   If you have a passion for food and you'd like to get involved with our market, check out our Vendor Agreement for additional details

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