Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Connecting while staying 2 meters apart

This year things look and feel a bit different but one thing that hasn't changed is the quality and availability of fresh, local food.

While we're operating under a new set of guidelines the market still has a lot to offer.

April and May will be full of delicate, fresh greens, beets, radishes, rhubarb and other early producers like asparagus and green onions.  The market also has plant starts to help jump-start your garden.  The local farmers will be joined by our bakers and other pre-packaged prepared food vendors.  Find your favourite breads or sweets at the hands of these talented locals.

June sees the addition of some additional vendors, as the BC Centre for Disease Control is allowing markets to add additional non-food vendors.   We'll be welcoming back soap vendors and florists to start and later some of our crafters.

So what's different?   Physical distancing is in effect, everyone needs to be sure they keep a safe distance from each other.  While we've been lucky to not see a major outbreak here we are seeing visitors coming from the lower mainland, BC and Alberta already.   There will be signs up to help remind you as well.  We've got some safety lines setup in front of booths to help keep our vendors safe and a dedicated entrance and exit to allow everyone to keep their distance as they come and go.

We have hand sanitizer available and a handwash station is open in the food barn along with our bathrooms as well.  Our focus is "shop, don't stop".  We want you to come and find everything you need without rushing but then head out.  Right now we're not a social gathering spot (we all miss that) so you won't see any chairs, picnic tables, kids play area or train rides.  Vendors are in every other booth and we try to keep line-ups out of the walking pathways.

The first hour of the market has been busy if you prefer to be around fewer people then consider coming during the 2nd half.  If you're worried about selection then you can always try our new online farmers' market to let you order ahead of time (by noon Thursday) for weekend pickup, then there's no need to rush and you can pay online so it's just a matter of coming to pick up your purchases.

We are accepting cash at the market, some vendors can process credit and debit cards, for those who can't the INFO booth can always help with those transactions.

Your local food producers are the cornerstone of food security.  Join us, enjoy the outdoors and see some friendly faces waiting to share their bounty with you.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Our 2020 Season

Here's what to expect for the start of our 2020 Season.

Vendor Registration: 

We will be working on getting an updated Vendor Agreement ready for early April and you will find the Vendor Registration here on our blog (a new tab will appear at the top once it's ready).

Kick-off Meeting:
There will be a kick-off meeting for the season which is great for new vendors to get an idea of what we do and what to expect. 

Work Party:
We also have a work party a few weeks before opening to get the grounds cleaned up.  Everyone is welcome to come, adults, kids, and well-behaved dogs.  It's always a great time for a bit of work, great conversations and some shared pizza and treats.  There have been a few big branches that have come down and a fair bit of leaves that need raking.  We wash the booths and clean the food barn from top to bottom. 

Opening Day:
Our opening day will be Saturday, April 25th, 2020.  From then on, we'll be open every weekend until the end of September.

Friday, 30 August 2019

What you can expect for September

September is a great month at the market.  

We'll have a regular weekend for the first weekend over Sept 1st.  The kids are getting ready for back to school and we've got some of the tastiest fruit and vegetables for their lunchboxes alongside lots of other wonderful baking and treats.

We are open on Saturdays from 10:30 - 12:30 and Sundays 12:30 - 2:30.  We are open til the end of September with one exception - Fall Fair when our regular hours won't apply.   Check out the details below.  We hope you and your kids enter some interesting items into the Exhibition Hall, anything you can make, bake or grow! 

We are excited to continue to offer you all the best, freshest, local products.  It's been a wonderful season already, thank you to everyone who's been buying local !!

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Mother's Day 2019

Update:  The winner of the Mother's Day Draw was 
Dale Humphries!

Remember to get Mom something special, we've got lots of great gift ideas at the market, shop Saturday and bring Mom back on Sunday!  It's always a good time at the market.

4365 McLeod Road, where FRESH meets LOCAL every weekend.

Friday, 26 April 2019

2019 Opening Weekend

We're getting ready for another incredible season at the Market.  We hope you join us often and support local growers and producers that work hard every week to bring a wide variety of fresh and tasty products to our community!


We open April 27/28th, 2019 and will be open:

Saturdays 10:30 am - 12:30 pm.
Sundays 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm.


We welcome everyone!  We would ask that you leave your dogs at home, please


4365 McLeod Road.  Take Duncan Street past the airport, stay to your right and follow the signs.  There is lots of parking inside the grounds and overflow street parking too.


We are a 100% Make It, Bake It, Grow It or Wild Harvest It Market.  You won't find anything better.  With over 70 registered vendors even before we open, it's going to be a full house from the get-go.

Join us this weekend and join us often.  You can make a difference in the lives of small business owners that make Powell River their home.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Do you want to be a vendor?

If you're interested in joining the Powell River Farmers' Market in the 2019 season here are some of the basics before you apply (vendor registration will open at the beginning of April)

Our season runs from the last full weekend in April to the last weekend in September. 

We are a "make it, bake it, grow/raise it, or wild harvest it" market.    If you meet the criteria below then you should be ready to register.

$40 annual membership
10% of daily sales (min $5 max $50)

Booth assignments will be completed the week before we open.  Priority of booth/vendor space is given in the following order:  farmer, food vendors, artisans & crafters.

Approved Products

The Powell River Farmers' Market operates in line with the BC Association of Farmers' Markets definition of approved products as stated below:

The reselling of goods purchased from wholesalers or other commercial outlets is not allowed.

You can grow, make, bake, raise or wild harvest the products that you sell at the Powell River Farmers' Market.

Grow means:
Farm products that are grown or produced on Powell River, BC land.

Nursery products, such as plants, trees, or seeds that are grown and/or propagated by a farm vendor in Powell River, BC for the purpose of re-planting.

Cut flowers and herbs that were grown and/or propagated by the farm vendor.

Make means:

Processed/prepared foods: a value-added edible product that has been cut, cooked, smoked, canned or otherwise altered from its original/natural state.  Valid FoodSafe certificate required.

Artisanal and craft products: value-added products that are created, sewn, constructed or otherwise fashioned from component materials in a way that makes the item unique. These may include raw component products that were purchased or that originated on one’s farm. An artist may sell reproductions of their own original creation. 

Services that are provided at the farmers’ market. Examples include knife sharpening, chair massage

Bake means:
Products that are baked from scratch ie; utilizing basic ingredients, not purchased pre-mixed or pre-made components. 

Raise means:  
Farm products that are raised on Powell River, BC land or wild lands or waters in Powell River, BC, with the appropriate permits. 

Wild harvest means:

Products harvested, caught, hunted or wildcrafted from wildlands or waters in/around Powell River, BC, with the appropriate permits.

If you have additional questions you can email us at powellriverfarmersmarket@gmail.com